Unmanned aerial vehicle Zephyr breaks world record

Unmanned aerial vehicle Zephyr breaks world record

Zephyr unmanned aerial vehicle breaks world record

Photo: Airbus Zephyr Sspace .com

The airborne device can be used for surveillance on the sea and guarding the cordon, as well as for relaying voice’s.

A drone powered by Airbus Zephyr S sleeper batteries, having tested it by the window over the Sonoran 42 desert days, breaking the vlasny record. Let me tell you about Space.com.

Designated if you are guilty from the U.S. Army training ground in Yumi on March 15, 2022, and from that hour, weeded over it and the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Having set the previous Zephyr record in 2018, having tested for 25 days and 23 years again.

According to the statement of the US Army, in the course of the rest of the UAV flight, a number of additional flights reached, including the first flight over water, flight at the international increased space, more uninterrupted flight.

Zephyr has a thin fuselage and wings with a span of 25 meters. Regardless of the large size, the drone was made from a lightweight composite of carbon fiber, which made it possible to reduce the overall weight of the entire weight to 75 kilograms.

Zephyr can also carry loads up to 22.5kg. Letak works at a height close to 21,340 meters.