Unknown vandals damaged the “Confident” sculpture in Lviv

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Unknown vandals damaged the sculpture

Photo: facebook.com

On the night of August 23, Vasyl Korchovy's sculpture “Confident” was damaged. It was temporarily installed in Stryi Park.

This was announced by Pavlo Gudimov, curator of the Lviv Sculpture Week.

At night, Vasyl Korchovy's sculpture “Confident” was damaged by unknown people, which was temporarily installed in Stryi Park as part of the Sculpture Route, as part of the Lviv Sculpture Week 2023 and which caused lively discussions in social networks, the media and directly in the park.

The sculpture was tried to be set on fire, recycled grease was doused over it. The act of vandalism demonstrates the rejection of modern art in public space.

As the curator of the Week, I am inclined to believe that this act of vandalism was commissioned. While the investigation and identification of the persons who committed this act is ongoing – I do not have information about the root of evil.

Pavlo Gudimov apologizes to the author of the sculpture, Yuri Stashkiv. He is the founder of the Kaniv Sculpture Symposium — who kindly provided the work for exhibition and financially supported the transportation and installation of the sculptures.

The persons who did this should be found and brought to justice. Lviv and Ukraine will never be a medieval province despite such efforts.

Earlier, as part of the Lviv Sculpture Week, a collection of modern sculptures was installed in one of the city's parks, which caused a stir in Ukrainian social networks. . Users called “Confident”, a sculpture of a nude female figure with magnificent forms, “all kinds of sculptural unnecessaryness”, an advertisement for “Coke, fast food and a healthy lifestyle”, noted that “children will be walking in the park”, asked ” “why don't they like women so much” etc.

Prepared by: Serhii Daga