University enrollment: these are the prices of the best courses in Colombia for 2023

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According to the ranking carried out by QS Quacquarelli Symonds, there are 14 undergraduate programs in the country that stand out internationally

University tuition: these are the prices for the best courses in Colombia for 2023

University tuition fees: these are the prices of the best courses in Colombia for 2023. (Colprensa)

In recent weeks, the student sector has shown its discomfort with the increase in tuition fees university students from higher education institutions in Colombia. Although some entities decided to stay out of the growth of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for October, the increase in the semi-annual share is still noticeable.

The firm QS Quacquarelli Symonds published its QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022, a list that analyzes the academic programs of the universities of the world and at least 51 different disciplines are taken into account. In the case of Colombia, there are 14 undergraduates and 4 postgraduates that appear in the ranking.

Taking this measurement into account, these are the values ​​of a semester of the best 14 academic programs that exist in Colombia by 2023:

1. National University of Colombia: One of the best programs is Mining and Metallurgical Engineering. Being a public higher education institution, the value depends on several factors and is between 150,000 and 8,000,000 pesos.

2. Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS): This institution is also public and its values ​​depend on many conditions. The best ranked race is the Petroleum Engineering, which by 2023 is between 150,000 and 8,000,000 pesos.

3. Universidad de los Andes: One of its best courses is Law and for next year it will cost 21,870,024 pesos. It is important to remember that this is one of the institutions that maintained its margin of increase with the CPI, also including the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

4. National University of Colombia:Again, the values ​​in this case will depend on the factors established by the higher education institution as it is a public entity. The program is Petroleum Engineering and will cost between 150,000 and 8,000,000 pesos.

5. Universidad de los Andes: Another of the careers that is best ranked is Modern Languages ​​ and in 2023 it will have a value of 21,870,024 pesos.

6. Externado University of Colombia:The program for which the institution has historically been recognized is Law and they recently announced the value of the program for 2023: it will be 11'391,500 pesos per semester, so that the year would cost 22'783,000 weights.

7. National University of Colombia: The Modern Languages ​​ program is also recognized at the public higher education institution. For this reason, the value can again be between 150,000 and 8,000,000 pesos.

8. Universidad del Rosario: The Law course, known as the Jurisprudence program, still does not have a defined value for 2023. This year it was at 17'391,000 pesos, so with It is unknown if the increase would reach or exceed 18 million pesos.

9. National University of Colombia: The institution was also recognized for the Architecture, Urbanism and Design programand it may fluctuate between 150,000 and 8,000,000 pesos next year.

10. Universidad de los Andes: The institution has one of the best careers of History, which will be at 21′870,024 by 2023.

11. Universidad de los Andes: The Anthropology program was one of the best ranked and will be at 21,870,024 for next year.

12. National University of Colombia: Once again, the variables of this institution will be between 150,000 and 8,000,000 pesos for the Anthropology program.

13. Universidad Externado de Colombia: Another of the programs that was recognized by QS Quacquarelli Symonds was Tourism and Hotel Business Administration. It will have a value of 10'939,000 pesos.

14. Universidad de los Andes: The private institution also stood out for the Politics and International Studies program, which will cost 21,870,024 pesos.