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Universal Studio: here is the new park dedicated to monsters

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun24,2024

The famous Universal Studios are getting ready to take part in the film. open a brand new amusement park: Universal Epic. Although it is still under construction in Florida, the first images of the part entirely dedicated to horror films have just been revealed, and it’s impressive.

Universal Studio : here is the new park dedicated to monsters

Frankenstein & co

Universal Studios was the pioneers of the horror genre and the concept of a shared universe; in the cinema. Between the 1920s and 1950s, films featuringDracula, Frankenstein, the Mummyor the werewolf, produced by Universal, were gigantic successes.It was a bit like the M.C.U of the timesince’ in addition to having their own films and numerous sequels, the monsters also faced each other in different crossovers like House of Dracula or Frankenstein versus the Werewolf. em>The aura of these films is still fully part of the film’s identity today. ofUniversal who therefore decided to to dedicate to them, finally, an entire large section of their new amusement park: Universal Epic Universe.

Universal Studio: here is the new park dedicated to monsters

< h2>The monsters Universal Studios

It is therefore within the Universal Epic Universe park that you can discover the Dark Universe section (or land).

em> This part of the park will offer you total immersion in the world of monster films. To better allow you to soak up the atmosphere,you will enter through an electric dimensional portal that appears to have been created by created by Doctor Frankenstein himself. Once through the gate, you will discover gigantic decorations which give visitors the impression of having landed in the middle of a sinister and old lost an imaginary 19th century Europe. The village is directly overlooked by the village. of a small hill at the top of which is the Frankenstein home.Basically, here, it's Halloween all year round.

Universal Studio: here is the new park dedicated to monsters

< p>As in any amusement park, you can find souvenir shops and themed restaurants nearby. abundance. Except that here, everything has been changed. thought to stick to; the world of horror films and their imagination. Thus, in the vampire restaurant, Das Stakehaus,your hosts will always offer to become their meal, while in the tavern of Moulin en Flamme, the monster hunters will tell you about their exploits and how to get there. end of the creatures of the night. And if you want to confront the most famous monsters of the park,several attractions featuring them are already available. announced.

Universal Studio: here is the new park dedicated to monsters

A Roller Coaster to escape the werewolf

The star attraction of the park will be Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment.The idea is apparently to revolutionize the concept of amusement park haunted houses by offering a particularly frightening adventure to visitors. This dark ride takes you deep into the catacombs of Frankenstein's mansion, where Doctor Victoria Frankenstein, the granddaughter of the monster's creator, carries out strange experiments. She invites visitors to discover how, thanks to Based on her own experiences, she managed to achieve this. Gain full control of monsters. Of course, his plans will go wrong and Dracula and other creatures will be at risk. our kits in a terrifying chase partly in the darkness. Peter Carsillo, senior director at Universal Creative, explains that the attraction offers“the most technologically advanced animatronics ever built.” type=”image/webp”>Universal Studio: here is the new park dedicated to monsters

For his part, the werewolf will be the headliner of the park's roller coaster.After having wandered around the park's roller coaster. the forest, the visitor realizes that the werewolf is chasing him. The only solution to avoid his curse: flee to his home country. board a strange cart. And here you are therefore board a gigantic roller coaster that takes you twirling through a dark cursed forest. The park will be, at the image of these attractions,a real dive into the world of classic monsters and will even allow visitors to leave transformed into terrible creatures thanks to the presence of professional makeup artists that you can meet in the Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience.

Universal Studio: here is the new park dedicated to monsters

And for the most curious among you, you can now take a look at the park presentation video right here:

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