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Universal ground drones are assembled in Cherkasy

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

Universal ground drones are assembled in Cherkassy

He can deliver ammunition, mine the territory and evacuate the wounded. Work at a distance of about 2 kilometers from the operator and develop a speed of up to 10 kilometers per hour. In Cherkasy, engineers are assembling universal ground drones. They showed our film crew how they test their developments.

In the workshop, the final preparations before the test run.

The drone is small in size, has tracks made of a conveyor belt, antennas and a camera for communication with operator The robotic ground platform was created by order of the military. The engineers took into account the needs of the soldiers and the conditions in which they will have to use it.

Aleksii, engineer:

The volume of the area is such that it must be invisible, pass between the same branches, and for 95% of 250-300 meters – it an elusive goal.

The drawings were shared by the masters' partners, and they were already improving the ground apparatus. Serhiy is responsible for the “brain” of the equipment – he checks that the electronics are working.

Serhiy, electrician:

Electronic components that will be used, what loading, that's all. There are scarce spare parts and questions about their quality, because there are some spare parts that are very defective.

When the preparations for the test run are completed, the drone is loaded for a walk in the field. More precisely, it drives itself into the trailer.

It weighs 200 kg and is very difficult to move by hand.

Men carefully check every little thing and bring the development to an exemplary state. Because when the smallest mistake can cost life – there is no need to rush.

Roman, locksmith-collector:

We try to check every detail so that everything is made, boiled, lubricated, besides, we test it here, it is better if it breaks, then with us, than with the guys over there.

At the front, such drones are used to deliver ammunition and evacuate the wounded . They control the ground platform with a simple remote control.

Forward, backward, turns on the spot, depending on the model, you can also control the mortar.

Already outside the workshop, the drone is being tested, first with the weight of one of the masters. The developers are satisfied with the test results. They gently call their invention “Gnome”. The first drone was assembled three months ago, when they received a request from the military for a compact pass-through universal carrier. And this is already the fourth ground vehicle that left the workshop of Cherkasy engineers.

Aleksii, engineer:

We implement the project on our own, we reset, someone donates, someone volunteers, and in this way we collect, now we plan to make documents so that we can officially work and deliver works to military units to the boys.

The cost of one ” “Dwarf” depends on power and configuration. A robotic platform can cost from 4.5 to 6 thousand dollars. The most expensive thing in this technique is the battery, thanks to which the drone can move for up to eight hours without recharging.

– It is hidden quite reliably, but if necessary, you can get it out and charge it, the battery costs from a thousand dollars, it has to be reliable and work for a long time, and fail-safe. – You don't save money on this? – Yes.

Engineers continue to improve their development. The main goal remains unchanged – to do the maximum to save as many lives as possible of our defenders and help them in the fight against the enemy.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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