United States: More COVID-19 deaths than soldiers killed in World War II

United States: More COVID-19 deaths than soldiers killed in World War II

Barely inducted, US President Joe Biden warned that his country would enter “the deadliest phase of the virus”, as the toll in the United States now exceeds that of American soldiers killed in World War II.

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The English variant of the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, affecting at least 60 countries and territories, and worrying many states.

Symbolic balance sheet, the death toll from COVID-19 in the United States exceeded that of American soldiers killed during World War II on Wednesday: the world’s leading power has now deplored 405,400 deaths since the start of the pandemic. The most bereaved country in absolute terms, the United States is also the most affected country in terms of the number of cases (more than 24.4 million).

At the end of April, the American toll of the epidemic had exceeded that of American soldiers killed in two decades during the conflict in Vietnam, a threshold with strong symbolic significance as this war remains one of the greatest traumas experienced by Americans in the 20th century. .

Invested Wednesday in Washington, Joe Biden reaffirmed that the fight against the pandemic would be one of his priorities.

Among the first measures, he ordered the return of the United States to the World Health Organization (WHO), after the withdrawal decided by his predecessor Donald Trump in 2020, and signed a decree making the wearing of the mask and mandatory physical distancing for US officials working in federal buildings.

“We must put aside politics and finally face this pandemic as a Nation,” he insisted, while Donald Trump has constantly minimized the health crisis.

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