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United States: Mayorkas escapes impeachment< /p>Open full screen

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is the target of impeachment by House Republicans .

Agence France-Presse

Republicans in the US House of Representatives failed Tuesday to indict Joe Biden's immigration secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, whom they accuse of provoking a migration crisis at the interstate border -United and Mexico.

He is the chief architect of the catastrophe, thundered the Speaker of the House of Representatives , Mike Johnson, a few hours before the vote, which failed by a few votes.

The Democrats, although in the minority in the Lower House of Congress, swept aside the procedure, ensuring that the Republicans were trying to make a scapegoat of the minister in the middle of an election year.< /p>

Despite this snub for the Republican Party, the situation nonetheless remains a headache for Joe Biden, nine months before the presidential election .

Immigration has established itself as one of the key subjects of the campaign for the presidential election in November, which will in all likelihood pit President Joe Biden against his Republican rival Donald Trump.

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And the Republicans in the House, many of whom are close to the Former President Trump, say the Democratic leader allowed the country to be invaded during his presidency. They take as an example the record number of migrants arrested at the border, 302,000, in December.

The main person concerned, Alejandro Mayorkas, has repeatedly denounced the Republicans' impeachment procedure, accusing them of wasting precious time and taxpayers' money on a political maneuver.

The last indictment of a secretary by Congress dates back to… 1876. Secretary of War William Belknap, accused of corruption, had resigned before the end of the proceedings of impeachment.

The Constitution provides that Congress can impeach the president, a secretary or federal judges for treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

The The procedure takes place in two stages.

First, the House of Representatives votes, by simple majority, on articles of impeachment detailing the alleged facts: this is what is called impeachment in English.

This vote took place Tuesday afternoon.

Most Republican elected officials have united in favor of indicting Alejandro Mayorkas, but four representatives from this camp voted against, some considering the sanction largely disproportionate.

Although inexcusable, his incompetence does not constitute grounds for dismissal under the Constitution, ruled Ken Buck, elected Republican from Colorado.

All Democrats also opposed the measure.

If the Secretary of Homeland Security had been impeached, the Senate would have then had to stand trial. In any case, the Upper House of Congress is currently in the hands of the Democrats, which made impeachment very unlikely.

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