United Arab Emirates announces that it will travel to the Moon in 2024

United Arab Emirates announces that it will travel to the Moon in 2024

Few details have yet emerged but, according to the Emirati news agency WAM has suggested, it could be a manned mission. In 2024 NASA plans to send two astronauts to the satellite

United Arab Emirates announces that it will travel to the Moon in 2024

After successfully launching its mission to Mars last July from a Japanese island, the United Arab Emirates now intends to reach the Moon in four years in an adventure that seeks to consolidate its commitment to space exploration, a pioneer in the Arab world.

The recently announced “Emirates Moon Exploration Project” hopes to launch the “first Arab mission” to the Moon in 2024. Few details have yet emerged but, as the Emirati news agency WAM has suggested, it would be a manned mission with “competencies. nationals “, in the words of Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Vice President of the Emirates and Emir of Dubai. Nor has it been detailed whether the objective of the project is to study any of the questions that the satellite still raises, such as the nature of the water cycle, the formation of ice or its volcanic history.

If the deadline is met, the Emirati mission would coincide in 2024 with NASA's promise to send its first astronauts in more than half a century – and the first woman – to the Moon through the Artemis program. Several private initiatives such as Elon Musk's SpaceX or Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin are also working on the goal of traveling to the Moon.

“We have new space missions underway that we will announce soon,” Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum assured, after reviewing the strategy for the next decade of the space center that bears his name.

“There will be programs to develop new specialized satellites and an outer space simulation center will be built for training tasks,” the sheikh promised in a renewed boost to a sector that began to take shape with construction more than a decade ago. first Earth observation satellites.

The budget, an unknown

Although the state budget for the special adventure remains unknown, Dubai acknowledges that the sector has received investments exceeding 5.1 billion euros in recent years . “The Emirates' ambition in the space field is to explore, plan and build the future. Our young engineers and pioneers open new horizons in science, technology and innovation in a sector vital to the future of our world,” outlines the emir.

The emergence of the Emirates in the international space race has not been without its challenges. The economic crisis that Dubai experienced a decade ago and a budget protected against unforeseen events have been some of the challenges. “Betting on science and technology is part of our strategy to diversify the economy and our energy sources in sectors for which we currently lack human resources”, acknowledged in a recent interview with EL MUNDO Sarah al Amiri, Minister of Emirates Advanced Sciences.

“Space missions allow us to develop talent and experience very quickly with the possibility of even using that knowledge for the creation of companies with specific products and services,” added Al Amiri. The mission to the Moon will complete the “Hope Mars Mission”, launched last July and which will reach the orbit of Mars next February to study the atmosphere for a full Martian year, equivalent to one year, 321 days and 7 Earth hours. of the Red Planet.

A future settlement on Mars

Both adventures will coexist with the project that aspires to establish the first human settlement on the Red Planet in 2117. “The plan seeks to establish a new phase of the Emirati potential in space exploration and in the fields of technology and other industries,” advance his responsible. In order to speed up local training, Maj Al Mansuri – the first Emirati astronaut to travel to space a year ago and spend eight days on the International Space Station – is currently running a NASA training program lasting 30 months in Houston.

With the study of food safety in space as one of its main objectives, Emirates has just launched a training scholarship program for young Arabs interested in the sector. “We have many ambitions. With international collaboration, we want to be able to develop our talent and help answer the question of how it is possible to travel and survive on another planet, what its food or energy systems and the extraction of water could be like. important questions also for our survival on earth, “admitted Al Amiri.

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