Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Unfair prices: Sony at the heart of a lawsuit 11 G $

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PlayStation is owned by Sony Entertainment System.


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Sony must face a lawsuit which could cost it up to 6.3 billion pounds (10.8 billion Canadian dollars) for abuse of a dominant position which allowed it to impose unfair prices on the customers of its PlayStation, 'after what a London court ruled on Tuesday.

Some nine million people, who purchased games and add-ons through the PlayStation Store, sued Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) last year in the UK.

The leader of the revolt, Alex Neill, said Sony had abused its dominant position by requiring that digital games and expansions be sold only through the PlayStation Store, which charges a 30% commission to developers and publishers.

The complainants argue that PlayStation customers have thus paid more for games and extensions.

Sony's legal team said the case was biased from start to finish and requested that the legal proceedings be dropped.

The Competition Appeal Tribunal ruled that the proceedings could continue, but added that people who made purchases on the PlayStation Store after filing the complaint in 2022 were to be removed from the list of plaintiffs.

Alex Neill argued in a statement that the London court's decision was a first not to allow consumers to recover what is owed to them.


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