Unexpected criticism of Alejandro Garnacho from the Manchester United captain: “He didn't have the best attitude”

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Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes spoke about the young Argentine attacker after the 1-0 win over Real Sociedad in the UEFA Europa League

Bruno Fernandes talks about Alejandro Garnacho

Little by little the Argentine Alejandro Garnacho begins to being a stable part of the first team at Manchester United. The young 18-year-old attacker has already had his first starts under the management of Erik ten Hag and this Thursday he scored his first goal as a professional in the victory by 1 -0 against Real Sociedadon the last date of the group stage of the UEFA Europa League.

Although Garnacho is beginning to appear as a good Attacking alternative for the Red Devils, he has only managed to break into the rotation in recent months. This earned him the congratulations of his teammate Bruno Fernandes , one of the captains, who also said that the Argentine striker had to change his attitude to earn a place.

“He has been good, but he knows we expect a lot from him. He is still very young. Everyone is very happy for him and satisfied with his goal. At the beginning of the season, during the tour, he didn't have the best attitude and that's why until now he hasn't had many chances to play,” Fernandes said in an exclusive dialogue with the BT Sport microphone after the match played in San Sebastian.

Unexpected criticism of Alejandro Garnacho by the captain of Manchester United:

Alejandro Garnacho scored Manchester United's goal in the win by 1-0 against Real Sociedad in the UEFA Europa League (Photo: REUTERS)

Fernandes, who assumed the role of captain more frequently this season because Harry MaguireHe is no longer one of the first options for the defense, he commented that Alejandro Garnacho had to change his position in practice to be considered by the DT. “He is having more chances because he trains better, has a different attitude and deserves his chances” , he pointed out.

At the end of this interview, the broadcast continued with an analysis of Paul Scholes at the BT Sports studios, who said that those attitude problems that Bruno Fernandes was talking aboutcould be due to the fact that “it had gone to his head” the call-up with the Argentine National Team on March 7. “I think he was summoned by Argentina, maybe playing with Messi, he came back and thought it was good for him. he is a young boy, he will learn. His attitude has changed and we are seeing the benefits of it, now he looks like a very high-level young player, ”speculated the Manchester United legend.

* Alejandro Garnacho's first goal for Manchester United

The truth is that Alejandro Garnacho < /b>He begins to exploit his potential and come into the consideration of Erik ten Hag, who was also critical of him after his participation last week against Sheriff Tiraspol. “The last few weeks I am happy with him, he has a better attitude, more resistance”, pointed out the Dutch coach, who qualified for the knockout phase but finished second in Group E and will have to go through the < i>play-offs against Champions teams to qualify for the round of 16 of the Europa League. The continuity of Manchester United in this competition is vital so that Alejandro Garnacho can continue to gain ground.

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