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Under the Seine: the Netflix film taken down by scientists

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

This Wednesday, June 5, the film will be released suspenseUnder the Seine was released on Netflix. ThisFrench film with Bénice Bejo is not unanimously appreciated. among the critics, but above all it is the community scientistwho is angry.

Under the Seine: the Netflix film taken down by scientists

< em>under the Seine, a shark film made in France

Despite; some huge successes like the essential Lupin series, there are not very many French productions available. shine on Netflix. So, when director Xavier Gens embarks on a film with “big budget” (20 million euros), this arouses our curiosity.The film in question is called Sous la Seine, and it tells the story of a huge shark spotted in the famous river. This attacks people and terrorizes the population, while Paris is due to host a triathlon shortly.

A scenario reminiscent of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games which will be held this summer. in real life, especially since the feature film also transmits an environmentalist message.But that does not save it from shipwreck, and the first criticisms of it are not. its subject matter are, for the most part, unflattering. Now the scientists are attacking this problem. Under the Seine.

scientists attack the Netflix film

Available since yesterday on Netflix, Sous la Seine is yet another film about a killer shark with suspense,slightly gory scenes, and a more serious message (ecology) in the background. Nothing but very classic, ultimately. We can therefore be surprised by the discontent that has arisen within the community. scientific, but it is very real. In the columns of Parisien, Nicolas Ziani, Head of the Phoenician Group for the Study of Sharks and Rays, does not take it easy: “It’s cognitive apocalypse. It’s almost fake news. We’re importing a problem that has never existed in France.”What annoys the scientist to the highest degree is that a mako shark like the one in the feature film cannot tolerate fresh water and would not “survive two days in the Seine”, although this is the case for certain species of sharks.

We could then say that fortunately, the somewhat naardesque scenario ofSous la Seine is saved by its environmentalist message. Failed, according to the scientist:“[this film has] no scientific credibility, even if it surrounds its subject with a vague ecological message that is almost propaganda.” In the columns of Huffpost, Eric Clua, veterinarian and professor at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE), confirms. Even in the most improbable scenario, a mako shark would not go beyond Le Havre if it tried to go up the Seine. But what bothers the scientist the most is that the shark is still presented as a wild beast. An image far from reality : “as long as a shark attacks humans, it will attack a single isolated prey and be extremely specific in its approach. Here we are led to believe that the shark will arrive and bite everyone left and right, like a raging beast thirsty for blood”.

Under the Seine: the Netflix film taken down by scientists

So you can rest assured: if pollution doesn't scare you, you'll be able to swim in the Sein with Anne Hidalgo on June 23… unless this crazy project by Internet users comes to fruition.

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