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Under the Seine on Netflix: the first reviews attack the film with Bérénice Bejo

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun5,2024

A cult film by Steven Spielberg, The Dens of the Sea is still a source of inspiration for filmmakers today. The latest example is Under the Seine, the new film by French director Xavier Gens, available on Netflix. But the feature film starring Bérénice Bejo is not up to par with its model. Press review.

Sous la Seine on Netflix: the first reviews attack the film with Béréénice Bejo

under the Seine, or the Netflix version ofJaws?

Since 9:01 a.m., this Wednesday June 5, 2024, the French film Sous la Seine is available on Netflix. Directed by by Xavier Gens(Hitman, Farang) and notably starring Bérénice Bejo (The Artist), it does not hide its main inspiration:JawsHer pitch is this:“When a mako shark finds itself in the Seine due to warming waters, a scientist must choose between protecting an endangered species and mercilessly eliminating a predator.”.

As this synopsis suggests, the Franco-Belgian feature film is based on an obvious ecological message, as evidenced by its very dramatic opening scene. ;ussie. The problem is that despite his will to rely on unbearable suspense and even horror thanks to the shark attacks,Sous la Seinedoes not succeed in everything he undertakes.&nbsp ;In fact, this is very far from being the case, at most. according to the first returns from the press.

These mixed reviews area new hard blow for the French film with a budget of 20 million euros, already well received. accused of plagiarism by a director, who carried complaint and requested à whatUnder the Seinenot be broadcast. If he obviously did not win his case, he gave bad publicity. to the film. But then, what is the latter worth?

a committed film who takes the water with bénice bejo

Available for a good hour on Netflix at the time whenù we write these lines,Sous la Seine could be viewed previewed by the French-speaking press. And if opinions are divided, they are not necessarily very flattering.Le Parisien, for example, goes out of his way to describe the film as “unbelievable” and with plot twists that are far too big. With its B-series script and its characters described as“caricatural”, the film would have worked better. if it was a parody, the media explains. However, he takes himself very seriously.

Le Devoir confirms that writing is “distressingly lazy ” and “multiplies the inconsistencies”, to the point that the story“sinks into ridicule”L'Info Tout Court insists on the same points as the other critics, although the media highlights a rather careful production, despite special effects not always suitable the height. The webzine Culturellement Vôtre is more lenient with Sous la Seine. He salutes the performance of the actors and actresses,Bérénice Bejo at the head.The production is also praised , just like the variety sets, the film plunging us into a very good reproduction of the catacombs.

Under the Seine on Netflix: the first reviews attack the film with Bérénice Bejo

The media Tamété obviously underlines the environmentalist message of Sous la Seine  as a priority : “the film sparks public debate about the effects of climate change and urbanization on aquatic ecosystems,” and it seems to do so effectively. Among the other qualities that cannot be taken away from the Netflix film despite its nanar aspect, Zickma praises the general rhythm, which knows how to provoke “a few scares here and there by skillfully alternating suspense and violent attack”.

Finally, and even if it does not save Under the Seine, all the critics find the obvious parallel with the 2024 Olympics, and the hygiene problems in the Seine, amusing. Let us recall that in the film, the capital is preparing to host a major sporting event, but the organization is disrupted by the presence of the mako shark. Let's hope the situation will not be as catastrophic during the real Olympic Games in Paris, in less than two months.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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