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Under the Seine on Netflix: the film about to enter the history of the platform

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

Released a little over a week ago, theFrench film Sous la Seine is a hit on < strong>Netflix. Despite the critics are not always kind to you; In his regard, the feature film could well go down in the history of the streaming platform.

Under the Seine on Netflix: the film about to enter the history of the platform

sous la seine, the shark film of the moment

Directed by by Xavier Gens, the shark film entitled Sous la Seine was highly anticipated.Led by the excellent Bérénice Bejo, it depicts a city of Paris upset by the presence of a shark in the famous river, while trials triathlon are to be held soon. Despite the risks, the authorities and the mayor of Paris in particular refuse to react. Obviously, any resemblance to reality, particularly with the approach of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, is fortuitous. Or not.

As expected with this synopsis, the French film is not unanimously acclaimed. Under the Seine is described as a dud by a large part of the press, and its ratings on aggregators do not inspire confidence. But despite the criticism, the public is there,à so much so that Under the Seine could become one of the most viewed foreign (non-English) films in the history of Netflix!

a huge phenomenon! nomène on netflix

The official figures have been released. revealed by Netflix this Wednesday, June 12, a week after the release of Sous la Seine:the film directed by Xavier Gens has already accumulated 40.9 million views worldwide, or nearly 71 million hours watched. With these impressive figures, Under the Seine is still in the Top 10 most-watched foreign films in 93 countries around the world. Under Paris, as it is known internationally, even occupies first place in 76 of these countries.

Under the Seine on Netflix: the film on the verge of entering the history of the platform

As if these figures were not the same. were not already there quite impressive, know that Under the Seine should soon become one of the 10 most viewed non-English films in the entire history of Netflix! The tenth ;th place in this ranking is in fact occupied by the German filmÀ the west, nothing new(2022), which has 52 million views. Sous la Seine therefore still has three months to be seen 12 million additional times, which should happen without any problem. After 91 days, views are no longer taken into account. So, is this success deserved? ? Give us your opinion in comments!

Natasha Kumar

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