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Under the Seine 2 on Netflix: the improbable scenario of the potential sequel teased

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Already aSous la Seine 2? Not yet, but director Xavier Gens is already talking about it. the scenario of the potential sequel to the Netflix hit.

Under the Seine 2 on Netflix: the improbable scenario of the potential sequel teased

La carton sous la seine on netflix

It's the movie of the moment on Netflix. Since its release on the platform on June 5, Sous la Seine by Xavier Gens has been on everyone's lips, for various reasons. Firstly, for his legal setbacks,the director is accused of to have copied his story on the Silure project by director Vincent Dietschy

More encouraging, the film has been a hit since its arrival in the thriving N rouge catalog. Thanks to its shark scenario which is reminiscent of that of the big American blockbusters of the genre, but with a twist. French sauce. The alert is raised: a scientist specializing in the oceans discovers that a shark is living in the river near her. The Triathlon World Championships are approaching. A pitch that echoes the 2024 Olympic Games come to Paris and the sanitation problems encountered by the Seine, a little over a month before the start of the competition.

the improbable pitch of Sous la Seine 2

An explosive cocktail that propels the feature film into the Top 10 most watched foreign films in 93 countries worldwide. across the world.It even occupies first place in 76 of these countries. The numbers could even be even more impressive. What to give to his director of ideas for a sequel? Asked byVarietyaround the success of Sous la Seine,Xavier Gens has not closed its doors. the door, far from it.“Right now, we're not there yet, but we may be discussing it soon. If there is a sequel, it will take place in a completely submerged Paris. under the waters.”

Voilà a more post-apocalyptic universe that the director of Hitman depictsfor a sequel. We then imagine the city submerged below. cause of global warming, and inhabited by other marine creatures, such as orcas. An idea that undoubtedly requires a substantial budget. But Netflix knows how to put its hand in the wallet when a project works. Remember that the film has abudget of between 15 and 20 million euros,a very high sum by French standards.

Under the Seine 2 on Netflix: the improbable scenario of the potential sequel teased

Sous la Seine has not, however, convinced the press, which sees it as a cause for concern. a simple nonsense.Télérama ironically on “the recipe for a real French turnip stuffed with shark”. On the reference site Rotten Tomatoes, it only has 35% approval from the public. But the master of horror literature came to this conclusion. the rescue of the project. On his official one look and it's very good The last 25 minutes are great.” Hello. by Stephen King and at the top of the most viewed programs on Netflix, the first indicators are there; for a possible sequel to Under the Seine.

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