Under the magnifying glass of coach Tourigny

Under the magnifying glass of coach Tourigny

How did Alexis Lafrenière fare in his first game in the NHL? We could have tried to answer that question, but, let’s face it, nothing beats the analysis of a hockey man. That is why The newspaper watched the Rangers game with Team Canada junior head coach André Tourigny. We have taken a look at the most significant appearances of the man with whom he won the gold medal at the World Junior Hockey Championship in 2020, in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

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Presence # 1

Alexis Lafrenière’s first appearance in the NHL was very short-lived. After just nine seconds on the ice, teammate Jack Johnson was penalized, forcing coach David Quinn to make changes. The Islanders will take the opportunity to open the scoring.

AT: “It’s not an ideal start to the game for a young player. Not only does the penalty cut off his ice time, but the Rangers are trailing quickly. ”

Presence # 3

The Ranger No. 13 enters Islanders territory with speed and is directly involved in two Rangers scoring chances, those of Filip Chytil and Tony DeAngelo.

AT: “You see he’s in his league, the way he travels. He doesn’t look like a rookie or a really nervous guy. ”

Presence # 4

After a penalty to Josh Bailey, coach David Quinn sends his second wave to start the attack at five. Lafrenière is part of it along with Filip Chytil, Pavel Buchnevich, Kaapo Kakko and Adam Fox.

AT: “I like the Rangers plan. He plays on the third line and the second power play wave. He does not play with celery stalks and that can be advantageous for a coach in trios matchups [matchups]. ”

Presence # 5

Mathew Barzal made 3-0 while Lafrenière had just set foot on the ice. His shot was later blocked by Andy Greene and he was caught returning to the bench for hitting the puck with six players on the ice.

AT: “He has nothing to be ashamed of on Barzal’s goal. Subsequently, he made a nice entry into the territory and showed his talent with the puck. On the penalty, it’s a youthful mistake. It will happen. It’s a mental error, not a mistake because he’s a bad hockey player. ”

Presence # 6

Pavel Buchnevich enters the opposing territory and gives the puck to Lafrenière, who overflows the defender and will nestle behind the net of Semyon Varlamov. He attempts a pass in front of the net, but the puck is blocked by the Islanders defenseman.

AT: “You see he doesn’t have his sunny day execution, but it will come back.” It’s the kind of thing that happens to everyone. ”

Presence # 7

Lafrenière entered with the second wave of the power play with around 30 seconds left for Matt Martin on the penalty. When entering a zone, he accepts a pass from Filip Chytil, but slices through the air while attempting a shot. However, he managed to lead the puck into the net on his second attempt.

AT: “It’s his first game. He wants to do well and maybe a little too much. I don’t think that’s what will define his career. ”

Presence # 8

Let the coach speak!

AT: “Alexis started his streak with a nice defensive pullback that annoyed Cal Clutterbuck. Subsequently, he comes on the counterattack, but does not make the right decision in trying to join his teammate in the enclave. It would have been better to use his speed and cut through the net. ”

Presence # 10

Alexis Lafrenière finds himself released in the offensive zone, on the power play, but the puck does not come to him.

AT: “Alexis wasn’t used to not being the guy everyone wanted to go to. There, he saw the opposite situation. When a player sees that, for example, Artemi Panarin is free, they are going to attempt a pass to him. ”

Presence # 11

Lafrenière is caught out for having hung and the Islanders capitalize to make 4-0 thanks to the goal of Jordan Eberle.

AT: “He had just arrived on the ice when he was punished and, unfortunately for him, it cost a goal. It’s that kind of game. It doesn’t turn for him, but he’s showing great things without the puck. He finishes his checks and is well positioned. ”

Presence # 12

Lafrenière gets one last appearance before the end of the second period and he gets a good chance to score. Tony DeAngelo’s shot misses the net, but comes back in front and Lafrenière manages to touch the return without pushing the puck with force.

AT: “He didn’t score, but he showed he has the strength to play in the NHL. He’s very strong on the puck. When you look at his neck, you see it’s a man. ”

The final bulletin

“I give a 6/10 because I know what he can do. Either way, as a team, the Rangers deserve a 4/10. And if I had to give ratings to the other Rangers players, nobody would have more than 6. Alexis didn’t play his best game, but he showed he has his place in this league. He’s going to make the necessary adjustments and he’s going to be okay. But that, I think everyone knows. “

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