Under six years old disappeared in Caldas appeared dead on the banks of a river

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The community, outraged by what happened to 6-year-old Danna Sofia Alzate Galvis, tried to take justice into their own hands. The intervention of Esmad was necessary

Under-six-year-old disappeared in Caldas appeared dead on the banks of a river

The alleged murderer of the minor had already been convicted of femicide and sexual abuse.

Little Danna Sofia Alzate Galvis, six years old, was found dead on the banks of a river this Monday, November 21. The mother of the minor had reported her disappearance in the Nuevo Horizonte, Chinchiná neighborhood, department of Caldas , the previous Sunday and immediately notified the authorities to find her. whereabouts

After traveling part of the river in the sector known as Fishermen, on foot and with drones, the authorities had to suspend the search around 11 at night, since the terrain could represent a danger for them. However, although they did not find Danna Álzate, they did say that the hiding place of a 65-year-old adult, allegedly responsible for the disappearance and subsequent homicide of the girl.

This subject, who was seen in the bushes by the authorities, was identified as a suspect after giving a clue that allowed the girl's lifeless body to be located. During the search a flip-flop belonging to Danna Sofia was found., and a jacket that she was wearing at the time of being kidnapped by the older adult. The Caldas Police commander confirmed that the man had already been convicted of femicide and sexual abuse:

“This individual had no documents and already had conviction for homicide, femicide, prisoner escape and sexual abuse of a child under 14 years of age in Belalcázar,” reported Colonel José Arturo Sánchez, commander of the Caldas Police.”

Meanwhile, the community outraged by what happened sought to do justice on its own after the man was arrested and transferred to the police command. According to Jorge William Ruiz Ospina, the intervention of the ESMAD was necessary:

“A rather complex situation has arisen, the community is outraged. Many people came to the Municipal Police Command (…) To invite the community to understand that this situation makes us angry, but that we must allow the authorities to act; We have already managed to find the girl, identify the alleged perpetrator, so we invite you to remain calm and wait for the legal authorities to carry out the processes.”

A similar event shook the tranquility of this same municipality in 2017. That time a woman kidnapped a girl barely 20 days old. After the kidnapper summoned her mother, supposedly, to give her some clothes and some toys, in an oversight she shaved the baby from her arms and pushed the woman with her eldest daughter of hers. Although the baby's mother left without a problem and the baby recovered, the other minor drowned.

In October 2022, the Manizales Superior Court confirmed the sentence of 53 years and 8 months of prison against Luz Mery Soto Castrillón, for the death of Juanita Valencia, 4 years old, and the kidnapping of the baby.

According to the newspaper El Tiempo, between January and August 2022, 426 homicides of children and adolescents were registered. In the same period of time in 2021, 380 murders were registered, which means 12.11%.

In the report obtained by the media , the city with the highest rate of homicides against minors is Cali, with 51 deaths. They are followed by Bogotá with 21, Quibdó with 16 and Barranquilla with 14.