Umbrella Academy season 2 : decryption of the 7 clues hidden in the new poster

Umbrella Academy saison 2 : décryptage des 7 indices cachés dans la nouvelle affiche

The poster of season 2 of Umbrella Academy contains hidden clues !

Still a month before returning to season 2 of Umbrella Academy on Netflix ! The release date of the sequel to the series with Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, or even Robert Sheehan is set at 31 July. If the platform has not yet unveiled the announcement trailer, a new poster published on Monday, 29 June, contains many clues about what awaits us. PRBK tells you more ! Warning, this article may contain spoilers.

But where did the family Hargreeves ? At the end of season 1 of Umbrella Academy, so that the Earth was about to be destroyed because of Vanya (Ellen Page), Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) was saving his brothers and sisters of correctness by making them travel in time. The first photos teasaient back in the 60’s and we now know a little more about what awaits the characters.

The new synopsis reveals more

On Monday 29 June, Netflix has unveiled the synopsis of season 2 of Umbrella Academy, which we reserve some surprises ! There we learn that the characters will find themselves in the vicinity of Dallas, in the 60’s… but not at the same time. In fact, Five did not control 100% of its power and each character will disembark only at a different time over a period of three years. Some will have built a new life when Five will attempt to reunite them to avoid another apocalypse while being hunted down by assassins. Quite a program !

The hidden clues… in the glasses

In addition to this synopsis, the platform has also unveiled a new poster filled with clues. And for good reason, images are present in the glasses of each character, of which we give information on what to expect in each.

Luther : We may see a journal with the words “War Declared” (war is declared), which suggests that the character played by Tom Hopper will be linked to the Vietnam War. Will he join the army ? Another possibility : this could be a link with the Cold War.

Diego : The glasses Diego (David Castañeda) show the portrait of a brunette woman who looks a lot like Ritu Arya. New addition to the cast for season 2 of the series, she will play Lila, a character who is not present in the comics. Diego will he fall in love ? Will she be his enemy ?

Alison : meanwhile, Alison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) might find himself engaged in the heart of the movement african-american civil rights. In his glasses, you can see a sign where we can read “Equality now” (equality now). The civil rights movement took place in the USA from 1954 to 1968, and it was therefore stack in the proper period. In addition, a photo of the season in which he handed a piece of paper on which was written “Have you faced discrimination by your boss ?” seems to confirm this theory.

Klaus : For Klaus (Robert Sheehan), who is the only one to have dropped his glasses, we can see the outstretched hands. Two possibilities have been discussed on the web : on the one hand, the character will find himself in 1969 at the Woodstock festival, in full hippie movement. Another idea fans : he will be the leader of a sect.

Ben : The glasses Ben (Justin H. Min) show the portrait of the children Hargreeves. This picture does not indicate anything but the fact that he appears in flesh and bone (then he was a ghost previously), suggests that he could return to human form in the sequel. We know in any case that he will be more present in season 2.

Vanya : For Vanya, one can see an image of a woman in the home who seems to be angry with his son. Photos that have been previously disclosed, suggest that Vanya could have a new family in the wake of the series since it was able to do with the character of Sissy (played by Marin Ireland) and her children.

Five : regarding Five, it is a little more complicated, since the reflections just seem to show buildings. But as reminded by some users, we know that the character is an assassin and who was assassinated in Dallas in the 60’s ? John Fitzgerald Kennedy ! The latter died November 22, 1963, in Dallas, after being hit by a ball. Five is it in fact responsible for this murder ? Some people think in any case that the buildings seen in the glasses of the character could be the view from the place where Lee Harvey Oswald (convicted of murder) would have fired on the president. In addition, we can see the blood on his face which could suggest a murder.

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