Ulsan Hyundai vs Sangju Sangmu live streaming free

Ulsan Hyundai vs Sangju Sangmu live streaming free
Ulsan – Sangju Sangmu. Prediction for the South Korean Championship match (October 2, 2020)

On October 2, within the framework of the 24th round of K-League 1, the Ulsan – Sangju Sangmu meeting will take place. One of the contenders for the championship will host an opponent who hopes to take third place in the table at the end of the season. But for dreams to come true, it is necessary today to jump over your head. Will it work? Read about it in our forecast.

Ulsan Hyundai
In “Ulsan” , it seems, with the onset of the second most important part of the season, it begins to slowly appear nervous trembling, because the team is breathing in the back reigning champion in the person of “Jeonbuk Motors”, which is just to give the title to anyone not going.

But these guys at such a pace can give the first place to the opponent themselves by laying a red carpet for him to the cup. In the previous round, Ulsan failed to keep the winning score in the game with Tegu (2: 2), having conceded the decisive goal already in stoppage time. However, the troubles began not now, but somewhat earlier. By the way, over the past five rounds the team scored only six points, while Chonbuk – ten. This is how the whole handicap disappeared.

Sanju Sanmu
Sangju Sangmu is somewhat reminiscent of its today’s opponent. For the round before the finish of the first stage, the team was in third place, ahead of Pohang Steelers by three points. It so happened that we had to play with them in the last round. As a result, they lost 3: 4, playing in the majority. Who is there to blame if not yourself?

A few days earlier, the team played against Jongbuk. We fought, tried, fought, even owned the ball more than the opponent (60 to 40 percent), but you can’t trample against the class – 0: 1. Today these guys will have to pass one more exam. Will they cope?

This season, the guests lost to Ulsan twice with an indecent score (0: 4 and 1: 5);
The hosts have the best performance in the league in terms of goals scored (47) and goals conceded (17).

Personal meetings

25.07.20 Sanju Sanmu Ulsan Hyundai fifteen
05/09/20 Ulsan Hyundai Sanju Sanmu 4: 0
08.24.19 Ulsan Hyundai Sanju Sanmu 5: 1
07.24.19 Ulsan Hyundai Sanju Sanmu 2: 2
04/06/19 Sanju Sanmu Ulsan Hyundai 0: 1
08/22/18 Ulsan Hyundai Sanju Sanmu 4: 1
07/08/18 Sanju Sanmu Ulsan Hyundai 2: 3
03/10/18 Ulsan Hyundai Sanju Sanmu 0: 2
09.09.17 Ulsan Hyundai Sanju Sanmu 4: 2
08/09/17 Ulsan Hyundai Sanju Sanmu 3: 1

Lately, “Sangju Sangmu” is not very good at games with “Ulsan”. Of the last seven matches, six have been lost, the goal difference looks horrifying at all – 7:23. Plus, the opponent will enter the field angry, realizing that now it is impossible to make mistakes. So the outsider has few chances in this pair.

Our prediction is that Ulsan will win with a handicap (-1) with a coefficient of 1.88 from BC League Betting.

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