Ukrainians were warned about new cyberattacks

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Ukrainians were warned about new cyberattacks

Photo: Pexels

Ukrainian citizens were informed&nbsp about the possibility of new cyber attacks on state bodies, aimed mainly at obtaining information about the Defense Forces. This was announced by the State Special Communications.

It is reported that the specialists of the Government Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine CERT-UA, operating under the State Special Communications, analyzed the current tactics, techniques and procedures used hackers of one of the most active and dangerous Russian hacker groups – UAC-0010 (Armageddon/Gamaredon). Note that it includes former “officers” from the SBU in Crimea, who in 2014 betrayed their homeland and started working for the FSB of the Russian Federation.

Yes, the main task of the group is cyberespionage against the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine. It is also known about at least one case of destructive activity on an information infrastructure object.

According to CERT-UA data, the number of simultaneously infected computers, which mainly function within the information and communication systems of state bodies, can reach several thousand.

BAGNET notes that Ukraine officially joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization cyber center on May 16, 2023. Prepared by: Sergey Daga