Ukrainians were told whether and how to change a driver's license

Ukrainians were told whether and how to change a driver's license

Citizens of Ukraine who have taken advantage of temporary protection in the EU countries have the right to use both Ukrainian rights and their own cars registered in Ukraine, without converting them and registering them at a new place of residence – respectively, during the period of validity of the temporary protection status, writes mashyna

Ukrainians were told whether and how to change their driver's license

In most member states of the European Union – until March 4, 2023, in Poland – until December 31, 2022, in accordance with the special law of March 23, 2022 “On special regulation in the field of transport and maritime economy in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine” , and in general – until March 6, 2025, in accordance with the mentioned Directive, which takes into account the possibility of prolonging the status in some EU countries.

Those Ukrainians who did not use the right to temporary protection or were deprived of it due to non-compliance or violation of its conditions must comply with the requirements of the countries where they are located within the time limits established by these countries.

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Those who plan to stay in the EU after losing their temporary protection status should be prepared to replace their Ukrainian rights with a European-style driver's license, as well as registering their vehicles at a new permanent place of residence as soon as possible.

And all because the violation of the above obligations threatens Ukrainians with administrative liability.

In some countries – in in the form of significant fines from several hundred to several thousand euros, and in some cases – by confiscation of a car.

It should be remembered that driving licenses issued in the EU or the Swiss Confederation, as well as international These driving licenses obtained in Ukraine are valid for three years.