Ukrainians were ahead of the new missile attack

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Ukrainians ahead of new missile strike

Photo: Getty Images

< p>Russian invaders, who regularly bombard peaceful Ukrainian places and villages, have already chosen rockets for launching a new massive missile strike.

About the purpose of rozpov Roman Svitan, military expert, colonel of the reserve ZSU.

Vin rozpovіv about those that the occupiers can strike with missiles at Ukraine already this day, and also launch Shahed.

“The Russians are already ready for a massive missile strike. Already the song hour has passed for the preparation and collection of the necessary number of missiles, here 50-70 pieces. Tobto the stench can be a kind of mitigation of this day to hit the blow. To that varto buti we are preparing. The stench can launch the "shahedi" at night that day launch a missile attack”, – ahead of the military expert.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga 

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