Ukrainians were advised to independently prove overt diagnoses that do not allow them to go to the front

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Ukrainians were advised to independently prove overt diagnoses preventing them from going to the front

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Against the background of mobilization in Ukraine, the main task of the military hospital commission is to select conscripts fit for health reasons to defend their homeland. 

In practice, VLK often even the unfit are allowed to serve, so those who have real health problems should prepare for a visit to the military enlistment office, explains “Apostrophe” ex-commander of the battalion company Aidar Evgeniy Dikiy.

will independently look for illnesses of a person liable for military service and carefully examine him, it is not worth it.

“This is not their function. Their function is to determine as soon as possible whether it is suitable or not. Therefore, you yourself must bring all the diagnoses that you have accumulated and complain. Take care of your own health and focus VLK on your diagnoses. Expect that VLK itself will show such an initiative – not worth it”, – Eugene Dyky noted.

In Ukraine, for the ninth year, a fierce war has been going on with Russia that attacked us. Since February 2022, a full-scale war has been going on. The process of serving subpoenas – this is not an automatic ticket to war, but, first of all, updating the data of citizens of Ukraine. Yes, following the agenda, it is possible to call up a person liable for military service for military service. This is a common process in a warring country. It should not be forgotten that the duty of every Ukrainian is to defend his country. For if today you are running away from the war – tomorrow she may come to you.   Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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