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Ukrainians, together with Estonians, developed an autonomous post office for the Baltic operator

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

Ukrainians together with Estonians developed an autonomous post office for the Baltic operator

The new development of the Ukrainian and Estonian startups Jetbeep and Parcelsea for the Estonian logistics company Omniva can work on one battery for about two years. Speka told about it in Jetbeep.

As the creators note, the post office works on a microcontroller and batteries. However, the technology provides the same functionality as mains-dependent letterboxes.

How Jetbeep and Parcelsea's Autonomous Mailbox Works

The autonomous letterboxes are located in sleeping areas within a radius of 300 m from the house. They are available by subscription for 1 euro/month. The post office network is open and can be used by any delivery company.

As supporters of open networks, we are very happy to participate in this project. We believe that this is an excellent example of a compromise between the optimization of delivery costs and proximity to the client, Valery Chekalkin, CEO Jetbeep

You can both receive orders and make send parcels or process returns. The post office has already been successfully launched in Estonia.

The peculiarity of the technology is that, even working with a microcontroller and batteries, the development allows the following functions to be used:

1. Screen.
2. Keypad.
3. Scanner.
4. Telemetry.
5. Stable access to the Internet.
6. Work through a special application.
The post machine works on one battery for up to two years, depending on the functionality. For logistics companies, this means the ability to not change their work processes and reduces costs compared to other PC-based autonomy solutions.

The technology behind the development is cost-effective even for small postmen.

Natasha Kumar

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