Ukrainians in Georgia may be offered evacuation due to the influx of Rashists

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Ukrainians in Georgia may be offered evacuation due to the influx of Rashists

The Ukrainian Embassy in Georgia does not rule out the possibility of evacuating Ukrainian citizens if they are in danger after the restoration of direct air communication between Georgia and the Russian Federation and the massive influx of Russians.

"If direct air communication is restored and real security risks increase, I want to say that today the embassy will not excludes the possibility of turning to international organizations, to our international partners in order to consider the possibility of assisting in the mass evacuation of Ukrainian citizens from the territory of Georgia,” Andriy Kasyanov, Chargé d'Affaires of Ukraine in Georgia, said in an interview with European Pravda.

< p>“But I emphasize: in the presence of real threats to their life and safety. We will not sit idly by. We will work and do everything in our power to ensure their protection and safety. This is our main priority,” the diplomat added.

Kasyanov noted that against the backdrop of a significant increase in the threat of a safe stay in Georgia due to the abnormal influx of Russians, the embassy is doing everything possible to facilitate the return of our citizens to Ukraine.

< p>"Now we are discussing the possibility of organizing special evacuation routes specifically for those most vulnerable segments of the population of Ukraine who really do not have the means to return. At the same time, we consider land transport as the most optimal,” he added.

On January 18, the main “diplomat” Rashists Lavrov expressed hope that direct flights between Russia and Georgia would soon be restored. But Irakli Kobakhidze himself spoke approvingly of this idea “in the interests of Georgians living in Russia.”

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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