Ukrainians are actively applying to the “Offensive Guard” – Ministry of Internal Affairs

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Ukrainians are actively applying to the "Offensive Guard", – Ministry of Internal Affairs


Ukrainians are very actively applying to the Offensive Guard, whose goal is to liberate the occupied territories from the Russians.

Deputy Interior Minister affairs of Ekaterina Pavlichenko on the air of the telethon.

"We started this recruiting campaign literally on Thursday, but I know that applications and questionnaires are already being submitted very actively. There are really many calls to the hotline, which was created specifically for the formation of these brigades. Open set for both boys and girls. First of all, people who are ready to liberate territories should be motivated. This is a window of opportunity”, – the official said.

She emphasized that people who have already joined the assault units have combat experience, in particular, the de-occupation of territories. They understand how to serve on the front line and support each other.

Pavlichenko added that combat experience is not a prerequisite in order to join the ranks of the Offensive Guard.

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