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Ukrainians and partners have invented 5 ways to pump a drone to bypass Russian WEDs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

Ukrainians and partners invented 5 ways to pump a drone to bypass Russian electronic surveillance systems

Outside China, Kyiv is the world capital of drones with great opportunities for testing, because only military aircraft fly here. That is why Western companies actively finance the development of Ukrainians.

EW suppresses signals sent by UAVs on radio frequencies. So the operator's commands and data needed for navigation are blocked and the drone goes blind. Ukrainian and European companies were able to find technological solutions to beat the Russians, but American companies are still lagging behind. In addition, drones from the USA are difficult to modify.

How Ukraine counters the enemy's EW

ISR Defense has upgraded its explosive drone's navigation equipment, antenna and video feed in an effort to avoid frequencies targeted by Russia. Other drone manufacturers are focusing on making their equipment more autonomous by limiting the information they receive from satellites or operators,
– the journalists provide the data.

That is, manufacturers produce drones with the same appearance as before, but with completely different stuffing. ISR Defense has done this more than once.

Manufacturers emphasize that they must be able to make changes to drones without the usual level of research and development. And Western engineers, before selling the product to Ukraine, should check how successfully their drone resists interference from EW and whether it can fly without satellite communication.

The Russians are filling the “airwaves” with static interference , so by the spring of 2023, Ukraine would lose about 10,000 drones – such data were given by the British. The defense forces tried to transfer the drone's communication to a different frequency. But sooner or later the enemy found her.

Drone manufacturers are paying attention to the hardware and software that filters the useful signals needed by their UAVs from the noise created by the Russians. And Quantum Systems drones have a frequency-hopping system that can automatically switch from one radio frequency to another in the event of interference. You can also avoid jamming usingpixel blocking, when the drone is fixed on a target and follows it without the need for remote control by the operator.

It is also possible to reduce the dependence of drones on satellite signals. This is visual navigation, where the drone navigates by comparing the terrain it sees through its camera with a map it stores in its systems.

AeroVironment uses technology that thanks to which the drone returns to where it last communicated when the signal is interrupted, instead of falling to the ground.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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