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Ukrainian troops showed a modernized BTR-7 with the BM-7 “Parus” module

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul8,2024

Ukrainian troops showed a modernized BTR-7 with the BM-7

The combat module is equipped, in particular, with a ZTM-1 automatic cannon designed to combat armored vehicles, destroy manpower and low-flying air targets.

Ukrainian troops demonstrated BTR-7 armored personnel carriers with the new BM-7 “Parus” combat module. The new tower is equipped with a 30-mm ZTM-1 automatic cannon and modern optical and electronic systems. This was reported by Army Recognition reviewers on July 8.

According to experts, this modification significantly increases firepower compared to the original configurations of the towers, which were equipped with a 14.5-mm KPVT machine gun.

< p>ZTM-1 guns installed on the BM-7 “Parus” tower are designed to combat lightly armored vehicles, destroy manpower and low-flying air targets.

The gun allows single and automatic fire with the help of an electric trigger. It has selective belt ammunition from two cartridge boxes equipped with armor-piercing and high-explosive fragmentation shells. The ammunition of the guns is up to 500 shells, and the rate of fire reaches 300 shots per minute.

Ukrainian troops showed the modernized BTR-7 with the BM-7 module

The updated turret system allows two anti-tank guided missiles (APGMs), also increasing the combat effectiveness of the vehicle.

“The integration of these advanced turrets is part of ongoing efforts to modernize and strengthen Ukrainian armored forces in conditions of regional tensions that persist,” — observers noted.

Compared to its predecessors, the machine received significant improvements, including enhanced armor protection, increased firepower and modernized equipment. The BTR-7 is equipped with a powerful diesel engine that provides better mobility and speed compared to the BTR-70.

The armored vehicles currently in service with the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) demonstrate the potential for modernization to extend their service life and increase effectiveness of existing military means. Such a strategy, the experts concluded, makes it possible not only to optimize defense spending, but also to provide the armed forces with competitive and combat-capable weapons.

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