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Ukrainian startup Efarm Pro presented a new development for demining fields

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

Ukrainian startup Efarm Pro presented a new development for demining fields

The new development of the EFarm PRO engineering team will be relevant both in wartime and peacetime.

< p>New technology for demining was presented by the start-up at the MIND INVEST SUMMIT technology exhibition in Lviv.

What the new robot-mulcher can do

  • Able to scan potentially a mined area;
  • knows how to detect mines;
  • helps to pave a safe way;
  • and most importantly, it clears the field of bushes that prevent sappers from disposing of explosive objects.< /li>

«The robot is convenient for transportation. It can be simply loaded into a transport and easily brought to the site of engineering mining activities, — says the founder of the EFarm PRO company Oleksandr Prykhodchenko.

Currently, the development is undergoing testing and will soon be able to start working in the field. 

This is already the second innovative technology for demining from EFarm  PRO. Its first development for humanitarian demining, an automated demining machine  agricultural land, the company began to develop it with the start of a full-scale war together with the Kobzarenko Plant. The national demining machine was developed on the basis of the T-156 tractor chassis, equipped with an unmanned control system and can demine the territory along a predetermined route. This technology has already been tested at a training ground in the Kyiv region and at the certification stage.  

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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