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Ukrainian performer Fagot from TNMK presented a new solo work – “Honor”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr5,2024

Ukrainian performer Fagot from TNMK presented a new solo work – "Honor"


Fagot from the band TNMK started a new solo project “Honor”. In the new material of Radio Maximum, we talk about the music premiere.

Fagot, the frontman of the band TNMK, never ceases to surprise fans with his creativity. This time he presented the solo track “Honor”, which is different from his usual sound.

“Honor” is a search for an unusual sound for Fagot, closer to progressive house, but with the use of live instruments, both academic and folk.

All my solo tracks are pure eclecticism, the search for something new at the combination of completely different musical ideas and styles, which is why “Honor” is a combination of house beat with the sound of an academic bassoon, folk pipes and the magical voice of the Bukovyna hinterland, – the performer noted .

Oleg played the bassoon in this track, and dedicated it to his teacher Harry Abadjian, who recently passed away. The track also features the charming voice of Rakhila Rusnak, reciting an ancient Ukrainian love spell.

Network reaction:

  • “Such a pleasant voice! And in combined with such music is very interesting!”
  • “Something incredible, a combination of the past and the future… bomb. Thank you!”
  • “Thank you, skillful musician! Already playing in our landing!”
  • “Nice track, I wish the author strength and zeal. Happy Birthday!!!”
  • “Just fire! More of this style!”
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