Ukrainian military spoke about the difficult situation in Soledar

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Ukrainian soldier reported about the grave situation in Soledar

Ukrainian soldier stationed in Soledar comments CNN said that the Ukrainian defenders are “holding on in this locality, but the next 24 hours will be difficult.”

“It's hard here, but we are more alive than anyone else,” — wrote in a text message the soldier, whose name CNN does not name for security reasons.

The military also urged not to believe the statements of the Russian authorities about the capture of the city. The Ukrainian army is holding out in this settlement, although practically independently and without commanders.

According to him, the next 24 hours will be “very difficult”.

“These days for the city everything will be decided. Because we are trapped, they want to surround us, — he said.

The soldier also added that if the nearest Ukrainian units held their positions, his unit could safely retreat. The Russian army jams Ukrainian communications, which makes coordination extremely difficult.

“It is not clear who our neighbors are, but someone is there and is fighting. We have no connection with them,” — he added.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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