Ukrainian military in Olenivka killed “Wagnerites”

Ukrainian military in Olenivka killed “Wagnerites”

Wagnerites killed Ukrainian soldiers in Olenivka

Militants of PMC "Wagner" mined a room in the occupied Olenivka, where Ukrainian prisoners of war were kept.

According to the Main Intelligence Directorate, the militants used a flammable substance, which led to the rapid spread of fire in the room

" n. "mdb DNR" together with representatives of PIK "Wagner" and the FSB of the Russian Federation. During interrogations, physical torture and beatings were actively used,” the report says.

Russian troops regularly interrogated the Ukrainian military, which were aimed at physical humiliation, mockery, psychological demoralization in order to break moral and psychological qualities, and not to receive certain confidential information. The Ukrainian defenders showed courage and invincible willpower.

Representatives of the FSB wanted to involve Ukrainian captives in filming pro-Russian reports.

" atrocities against the local population, the renunciation of the fighters from their views, as well as the condemnation of the actions of the leadership of Ukraine,” the intelligence said.

Ukrainian intelligence stressed that the Russian Federation did not intend to exchange Ukrainian prisoners of war. The occupiers sought to hide the improper conditions and forms of interrogation of Ukrainian servicemen, so they were deliberately killed.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich