Ukrainian lad told foreign businessmen about the importance of Russians

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Ukrainian lad rose to foreign businessmen about the importance of Russians

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Sashko's 12th birthday was celebrated on the eve of the All-World Economic Forum in Davos, like a rush at the filtration camp they told you that mom's wine is not needed and that you won't come for him, because you'll be in full.< /p>

“I am alive on the cob of warfare with my mother (Kozlova Snizhanaya Mikhailivna) and sister (Kozlova Viktoria Semenivna), and on the 24th birch I got under fire. I wiped off the wounded eye. We sent a bunch of Ukrainian soldiers with my mother, so that the stench brought us to the Illicha plant, de boule paramedics. Our soldiers ran out of ammunition and the plant was already turned off. The Russians said hello. The stench took us in Kamaz trucks and took us to the filter tabir”, – having told the boy. Let me drink, where shall I be taken? The stinkers said, in a childish booth, that we will then adopt me others. I said that there is a grandmother in me, that there is in Ukraine and that I want to get to her. The stinks weren't allowed. The stench took me to the Donetsk region of traumatology and there I was delighted with the eye. I have my grandmother’s number, I asked a friend in the ward for a phone number and by viber I called my grandmother and told me. She started picking up the documents to pick me up,” the boy said.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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