Ukrainian intelligence is testing the new Ukrainian drone SpyGun

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Ukrainian intelligence tests a new Ukrainian drone SpyGun

The Main Directorate of Intelligence  of the Ministry of Defense has started testing a new  the Ukrainian reconnaissance drone SpyGun.

According to the GUR, after the rear tests, the UAV was transferred to the combat zone — it is designed for deep reconnaissance, but it can also be used to adjust fire.

The complex consists of two drones and a ground control station. A modern radio control system with a high level of protection against EW interference allows you to operate at a range of up to 50 kilometers.

SpyGun is equipped with a system of automatic return to the take-off point, and high aerodynamic characteristics allow you to glide along the selected route with the engine turned off, saving battery power.

Characteristics of the new UAV:

  • Flight time without landing — 120-160 min;
  • Maximum flight height — 1500 m;
  • Working height — 500-600 m;
  • Speed ​​— 90 km/h;
  • Cameras — course online and GoPro. Photos and videos are recorded on the onboard media.

“SpyGun is relatively inexpensive and quick to manufacture with a simple body design that allows it to be inconspicuous in the sky during operation”, — added to the GUR.

As you know, the residents of the capital of the aggressor country, despite the assurances of Russian propaganda, can hardly feel safe from the consequences of the war of aggression unleashed against Ukraine by the Putin regime. On the night of August 1, drones attacked Moscow, and one of them hit  tower of the “Moscow-City” business center.