Ukrainian enterprises bear a triple burden, the government should reduce taxes, – expert

Ukrainian enterprises bear a triple burden, the government should reduce taxes, – expert

Ukrainian enterprises that continue to operate in wartime bear a triple burden. The task of the authorities is to provide business with maximum support: to reduce taxes, ensure the solution of logistical problems and defend the interests of our manufacturers at the international level.

Ukrainian enterprises bear a triple burden, the authorities should reduce taxes, – expert

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Stanislav Zinchenko, director of the MMC Center.

“Business pays salaries to Ukrainians, pays taxes to the budget, and supports infrastructure companies – because if there is no export, UZ will have nothing to transport, and it will not be able to earn. And business is also actively helping civilians and the Armed Forces of Ukraine: we believed that only metallurgists helped more than $ 100 million in 3 months, ”he explained.

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Due to the blocking of ports, Ukrainian companies faced a huge problem: sea export routes were cut off, and UZ, where problems had been accumulating for years, was unable to provide delivery of Ukrainian products.

“The traffic jams of 45,000 wagons that are now at the border, the delivery time of products is 90 days – Ukraine, together with Europe, must urgently deal with the transport problem and integrate the Ukrainian infrastructure into the European one,” Zinchenko emphasized.

Now According to him, Ukrainian and European manufacturers of metal products are faced with the problem of aggressive imports from the Russian Federation: it literally floods the market with its products, which it sells 40% cheaper than market prices. Because of this, world prices went down, and metallurgical plants have already begun to close, unable to withstand competition. The same fate may await Ukrainian enterprises, where production becomes unprofitable due to logistical problems.

“Our mining and metallurgical companies cannot export their products, both ore and metal, because due to due to a significant reduction in prices, our products have become unprofitable. And Arcelor Mitall announced that it was shutting down one of the blast furnaces. Therefore, today the metal has become an element in the geopolitical war,” the expert concluded.