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Ukrainian engineers in the UAE are developing a new underwater vessel

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr16,2024

Ukrainian engineers in the UAE are developing a new underwater vessel

Ukrainian Genery in Ob'ednanikh The United Arab Emirates is developing a new submarine vessel, Kronos.

It can launch torpedo missiles. Recently, the submarine was tested for military purposes, reports Kyivpost.

The Choven can silently roll under water at a speed of 50 km for a year and carry vibration.

"Until the Chamber stipends to Congress The United States will continue to block the vision of assistance for Ukraine, even though the Senate has fiercely praised it, Ukrainian engineers are dismantling an underwater vessel capable of launching torpedo missiles,” the video says.

Kyivpost will also provide technical characteristics of the Kron vessel os:

width – 7.4 m;

head – 9 m;

height – 2 m ;

Vantage capacity – up to 3000 kg on water;

Storage weight – 10000 kg;

capacity – 11 months.

"This hybrid vessel, carved by our highly qualified design, research and development team, can comfortably accommodate 10 passengers and is suitable for commercial their, ritualistic and combat operations. The underwater choven has an innovative design to the body, which significantly reduces burning, increases maximum fluidity and ensures miraculous durability,” – signified by retailers.

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