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Ukrainian drones received the universal “machine vision” system Skynode S (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

Ukrainian drones received a universal system of

The new system is capable of processing three-dimensional objects, camouflaged, as well as moving objects that move or rotate, even in poor lighting conditions.

The American company Auterion officially announced the successful development of the Skynode S machine vision system, which has already proven its combat effectiveness in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Skynode S is a minicomputer and flight controller, created on the basis of inexpensive technologies and the company's software. Defense Express observers reported this on June 29.

Skynode S is equipped with modern computer vision, which enables Ukrainian forces to counteract the loss of GPS and radio frequency guidance functions in conditions of electronic warfare. The system offers the following advantages:

  • control of a swarm of drones;
  • fully autonomous flight;
  • resistance to obstacles;
  • increasing the accuracy of hitting targets from 20% to 90%.

The new Skynode S follows the release of the Skynode X, which debuted last October, so it took just over half a year to develop. The system at the time was distinguished by reduced weight and doubled computational performance of the flight management unit (FMU). Skynode S is much smaller in size — only 49×37 mm, which makes it a compact and universal solution for various transport platforms.

Reviewers note that the system is capable of processing three-dimensional objects, camouflaged, partially covered, in poor lighting conditions, as well as objects moving or rotating objects. This enables the automatic guidance of kamikaze drones on targets selected by the operator.

Auterion is also reported to be working on using Skynode S to attack electronic warfare equipment, radars, communication antennas and other objects , analyzing and comparing them with the database of radio signal signatures. It resembles the capabilities of the AGM-88 HARM missile, but in the form of drones that can search for targets in a certain area, observers concluded.

Natasha Kumar

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