Ukrainian drones can block up to 20% of Russian exports, Oleksandr Katsuba

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Ukrainian drones can block up to 20% of Russian exports, – Oleksandr Katsuba

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Ukrainian naval drones attacking Russian ports on the Black Sea can block a significant part of Russian oil and agricultural exports, since the Novorossiysk port alone accounts for more than 20% of all maritime exports of the aggressor country. Energy expert and entrepreneur Oleksandr Katsuba wrote about this in his column on the website .

The Novorossiysk seaport, which is now under immediate threat – the largest in Russia, with a capacity of more than 140 million tons of cargo per year, Katsuba noted. Up to 600,000 barrels of Russian oil pass through it every day, as well as a large part of grain and other food products from the south of Russia and the Volga. We are talking about difficulties for at least 20-25 million tons of grain and other agricultural products, the expert emphasizes.

The constant threat to Russian Black Sea exports will undermine the economic stability of several key Russian regions from the Caucasus to the Volga. As a result – job losses, undermined social and economic stability, dissatisfaction and a decline in business activity in regions that account for more than 60% of all non-raw exports and about 30% of the enemy's economy, summarizes Katsuba. This will cause devastating consequences for the enemy already in the coming year, which decides the year of the war, he believes. 

Alexander Katsuba – Ukrainian entrepreneur, energy expert, owner of “Alfa Gas” company.