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Ukrainian diplomats called on Bulgarian politicians not to speculate on the war in Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul7,2024

Ukrainian diplomats called on Bulgarian politicians not to speculate on the topic of war in Ukraine < p>Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria The Soviets and all the political forces of Bulgaria attacked with a cry to get rid of those wars for political purposes. And even the proposals to limit and block help to Ukraine practically mean the spontaneity of a union with Russia. “The number of victims and the proximity of the front to the EU cordons,” &mdash ;  go to the comments of diplomats.

The importance of increasing defense assistance for Ukraine is to acknowledge the increased security in the region and the nearby world, diplomats seem ' Minister Dimitar Glavchev, for his participation in the World Summit. The same punishment was imposed on the parliament and the government of the country for its political, financial, energy, humanitarian and humanitarian duties. I will help the defense.

Vikonuvach of the Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev stated that at the upcoming NATO summit in Washington, Bulgaria will initiate peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine , wrote Novinite.

In addition, Sofia plans to go to the conference with a position on providing assistance for Ukraine for 80 million euros. Ale koshti will give extra, since the parliament of the region praises the decision. Leaders of various parties have already spoken out against the support.

Earlier, the president of the region, Rumen Radev, stated that the wine was not suitable, and that Bulgaria had become a “lineless donor of Ukraine.”

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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