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Ukrainian developers presented a kamikaze attack drone that is superior to the Russian Lancet

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

Ukrainian developers presented an attack kamikaze drone, superior to the Russian Lancet

At the international defense exhibition Eurosatory 2024, which took place in Paris, the Ukrainian kamikaze drone "Bulava" was presented for the first time. from the UAC company. The drone is an analogue of the Russian barrage munition “Lancet”. and is distinguished by a larger warhead, flight range and the ability to automatically detect targets. Defense Express writes about it.

According to the information presented in the official brochure, the drone has the export name Mace, but the wings bear its original name — “Mace”. The design of the drone resembles the “Lancet”; thanks to X-shaped wings, which provides him with maneuverability and the ability to hit targets in the most vulnerable places.

«Mace» has a total take-off weight of 11 kg, of which 3.6 kg is a powerful combined cumulative-thermobaric warhead. The drone starts from a catapult and can stay in the air for up to 50 minutes, developing a speed of up to 100 km/h. The wingspan is about 1.6 m, length — about 1.5 m, and the damage range exceeds 60 km.

"Mace" can perform tasks both during the day and at night. Thanks to machine vision, it automatically detects and tracks targets. In addition, the UAV can attack objects according to the coordinates set by the operator.

Developers claim that the Mace drone; resistant to enemy means of electronic warfare, detects spoofing (change of signals — ed.) and uses relay technology to increase the range of damage. In addition, the UAV can be integrated into a single circuit with reconnaissance drones.

Thus, Mace looks like a highly developed and efficient solution with high performance and important technologies. The stated parameters of the “Mace” are superior to the well-known versions of “Lancet”. For example, the UAV “Lancet 1” and “Lancet 3” have a warhead of 1 and 3 kg, a starting weight of 5 and 12 kg, and a flight duration of 30 and 40 minutes, respectively.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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