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Ukrainian developers of Himera radios got an exclusive supplier in the USA

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr17,2024

Ukrainian the developers of Himera radios received an exclusive supplier in the USA

Ukrainian defense start-up Himera, the developers of which created a radio that cannot silence Russian EW devices, are entering the world market. The company received an exclusive supplier in the USA.

Himera Radios wrote about this on Facebook.

The American company Reticulate Micro, which is engaged in providing reliable communication in any environment, became a partner of Ukrainian developers. .

The companies have concluded an exclusive agreement and from now on the American company Reticulate Micro will supply Ukrainian Himera walkie-talkies, which have proven themselves well in battles for the USA and other key global customers.

Incredible news! We will bring the best global expertise to improve Himera Radios communication systems, and thanks to global sales, we will be able to maintain the most optimal price and increase production volumes for Ukrainian users in the defense forces, who protect our common freedom every day.  Misha Rudominskyi, co-founder of the Himera company

What is known about the Himera radio 

  • Working time — 4 days 
  • Protection level — IP65
  • Temperature at which it can work — from -10°C  up to +85°C 

The walkie-talkie is protected by 265-bit encryption, with countermeasures against enemy electronic devices. It can be connected to an audio headset and a remote PTT button. Built-in microphone and speaker for voice communication. It also has a beacon mode, thanks to which it is easier to search for a person. 

The walkie-talkie is manufactured in Ukraine, the vast majority of parts are also manufactured in-house. 

The company plans to release the next version this year product and receive a state order for the supply of radios to the Armed Forces.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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