Ukrainian champion, stuck in Africa with crocodiles, think about the citizenship of Kenya

A famous runner Olga Lyahova again could not fly from Kenya and calls this country their home

Champion of the European games 2019 Ukrainian runner Olga Lyahova, because of the pandemic coronavirus stuck in Kenya, already thinking about the citizenship of this African country. The athlete admitted in Instagram.

“Life in Kenya continues, and I’m starting to think that this is my home, – confessed Olga Lahova. – My ticket for may 31 was canceled, and now the first available flight is on June 30. I found that if I fly home on 30 June, it received 115 days. And this is my absolute record of stay at the training camp! By the way, may extend the quarantine. So this date can’t move… Oh, by the way, I was in Kenya and another in December) And it turns out the 145 days for the year. Interesting statistics. This means that I’m in Kenya, I spend more time than ever home? Maybe it’s time to obtain citizenship”

Earlier Olga Lakhova said that in Kenya not only training, but rest and fun. “Boat rides, sitting by the fire, night fishing and more. The water in the lake was very warm and we even had a swim. I saw wild animals – crocodiles, hippos, giraffes. Managed to have a good rest, both soul and body” – confessed to the athlete.

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