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Ukrainian artist Adam presented the lyrical and gentle track “Kiss”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May18,2024

Ukrainian artist Adam presented the lyrical and gentle track


The author and performer of many famous tracks, including the hit “Slowly”, ADAM presented a new song. This is a lyrical track about love.

On Thursday, May 16, the music video for the song “Kiss” by the Ukrainian neo-soul band from Kyiv was released. The clip was shot with the team of the “Multitrain” show.

According to the artist, there was a very limited time to shoot the clip and it was necessary to quickly agree on the idea of ​​the clip and convey it beautifully in the frame. During the shooting process, they had an additional task – to find couples who would agree to kiss in the frame.

And we were pleasantly surprised that people from Ivano-Frankivsk were incredibly sincere and easily agreed to take part in the filming! We thank them. The idea of ​​the clip is LOVE! Because this feeling has great power, it inspires, inspires, gives many pleasant emotions with which life becomes even more filled and bright!, – says Adam.

It is very important to appreciate each other, support, protect and enrich those wonderful feelings that exist between you! The singer notes that love will conquer everything!

Network Reaction:

  • “Actually it's really cute that the clip is real people instead of actors.. their love is conveyed even through the video.. love it “
  • “These participants had the smallest budget for filming the clip, but the team did a very high-quality, good job, which of the three clips should take first place”
  • “Should definitely win! Great idea – to film ordinary people, not actors.”
  • “I thought I would like the other participants, but this one is the most organic of the three clips. It's charming!”
  • “Well, that's it gap!!!!! And cute, and touching, and beautiful, and dynamic, and interesting, and relevant. In short, these are my favorites”
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