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Ukrainian Antarctic researchers showed how dolphins play near the Noosphere icebreaker

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr15,2024

Ukrainian Antarctic researchers showed how dolphins play near the ice break

Icebreaker “Noosphere”/National Antarctic Science Center

The Ukrainian icebreaker ship “Noosphere” was accompanied by schools of Commerson's dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean. Researchers published an incredible video.

Dolphins dived next to the ship for several hours, catching its waves. This was reported at the National Antarctic Scientific Center.

Scientists said that in the Atlantic Ocean, the “Noosphere” was accompanied by dolphins – their pods dived next to the ship for several hours, catching its waves.

It is believed that in this way the dolphins increase the speed of their movement – big waves from the ship “push” them forward. Scientists also assume that water currents bring food for these animals (fish, molluscs, crustaceans, etc.) to the surface, the researchers say.

The mammals that amused the Ukrainian polar explorers were filmed by Anna Torgonenko. Commerson's dolphins are easily recognized by their white bodies and black heads. Populations of this species can be found in two places: in the Atlantic Ocean off the southern coast of South America and in the Indian Ocean near the Kerguelen Islands.

Commerson's dolphins are among the smallest of all cetaceans and reach a length of about 1.5 m , but they are quite active. They like to swim on the surface of the water and jump out of it. They are kept in flocks of up to 15 individuals.

The Ukrainian research vessel – the icebreaker “Noosphere”, which was in the Antarctic, overcame a difficult path, in particular, the Drake Strait, known for its terrible storms, and reached Chile.

The road from the Antarctic station “Akademik Vernadskyi” to Chile was long 1,140 miles (2,111 km) and lasting 9 days, three of which the “Noosphere” passed through the Drake Passage. According to scientists, this time the strait was very stubborn – the height of the waves reached 9-10 meters, and the wind speed – 30 m/s.

According to captain Pavel Panasyuk, it was one of the the stormiest Drakes for the entire time the vessel was operating under the Ukrainian flag. It is quite difficult to go in such conditions, but our crew coped with this challenge, the center emphasizes.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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