Ukraine will receive planes and Swedish weapons, – Zelenskyi

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Ukraine will receive planes and Swedish weapons, – Zelensky

Netherlands and Denmark will hand Ukraine planes.

In addition, Ukraine will produce Swedish CV90 combat vehicles, the president said.

"Sweden. CV90, combat vehicles. We will produce in Ukraine. Netherlands. F-16, agreement on 42 aircraft for Ukraine. Denmark F-16, agreement on 19 aircraft for Ukraine and expansion of training missions of our pilots and engineers”, – said the president.

Zelensky also thanked the United States of America for supporting the aviation coalition and the Ukrainian people in the battle for freedom.

Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands talked about new defense support packages, Zelensky said .

"About political interaction. About the peace formula – I want to especially thank Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark for supporting the peace formula,” – stated.

"F-16 – aircraft made by the United States. It is very important that President Biden, his team, and especially the efforts of his national security adviser, Sullivan. Both parties of the US Congress, millions and millions of Americans support us in the battle for freedom, independence, for our people. Thank you America", – addressed Zelensky.

"F-16 will be in Ukraine. We don't stop. We will add more strength to our state”, – said the president.