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Ukraine will receive an anti-aircraft tank from Germany: what is known about it

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

Ukraine will receive an anti-aircraft tank from Germany: what is known about it

The German manufacturer of military equipment Rheinmetall will give Ukraine a new tank “Frankenstein”, created to destroy drones and missiles. 

< h2>What is known about the Frankenstein anti-aircraft tank that Ukraine is to receive

It is noted that Rheinmetall specialists have installed the most modern Skyranger air defense system on Leopard 1 tank hulls and plan to transfer these hybrid installations to the Ukrainian military.

It is noted that these installations are capable of intercepting aerial targets of the criminal army of the Russian Federation in Ukraine at short distances.

It is noted that these hybrid tanks are capable of intercepting enemy drones and contributing to the suppression of enemy artillery fire.

< p>There are still plenty of Leopard 1 main battle tanks on the chassis of which we could mount a Skyranger turret with a 35mm autocannon, — notes Björn Bernhard, head of Rheinmetall's ground systems.

According to the publication, the Ukrainian military has already received about a hundred Leopard 1 tanks with basic equipment.

However, Ukraine calls on its allies to help strengthen air defense.< /p>

We focus on the long-term perspective in Ukraine. We don't just supply equipment and then take — we show that we will always be there and support Ukraine, — noted Bernhard.

What, according to Western analysts, is Ukraine's biggest problem in the war against the Russian Federation

According to Paul Ronzheimer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the German publication Bild, the biggest problem of Ukraine at the moment against the background of the continuation Russia's criminal war is a decrease in the attention of the world community.

He emphasized that journalists tend to prematurely recognize a topic that is supposedly not interesting to anyone.

But we see in social networks that everything is not so simple. There are many people who are interested in the course of events, the destinies of people, what is happening there… On the other hand, many really have the feeling that it is impossible to listen to bad news, to be afraid. And they turn off. It's already the third year, — emphasized Rontzheimer.

The biggest problem for Ukraine — it's a lapse in attention. I see it in my American colleagues. They tell me that some TV channels, which at the beginning of the war had hundreds of people there, now sometimes have no international reporters or correspondents. So for me as a reporter — it's a kind of moral obligation to continue going there, watching and giving people a voice, — emphasizes the German journalist.

According to his conviction, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin determined at the very beginning of the criminal invasion that he had much more time than Ukraine's Western partners.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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