Ukraine will receive a huge package of military aid from Estonia

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Ukraine will receive a huge package of military aid from Estonia

On January 19, the Estonian government approved the provision of Ukraine with another military aid package to counter Russian aggression. It will include howitzers, grenade launchers and ammunition, said Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, and  added that this package is the largest ever provided by Estonia to Ukraine.

“Today, the government decided to send Estonia's largest heavy weapons assistance package to Ukraine to date. Thus, our total military assistance to Ukraine is more than 1% of our GDP”, — she noted.

According to the official, the package included howitzers, grenade launchers and ammunition that Ukraine asked for.

“We all want the war to end, but Russia sent a clear signal that she wants to continue her aggressive war. Despite the losses in manpower and equipment, Russia still has thousands of tanks, armored vehicles and artillery in its warehouses, ready for use in the war, — Kaya Kallas stressed.

She added that Russia also has a huge workforce and will continue to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people. In addition, the country has increased the workload and the strength of its military industry.

“That is why the entire transatlantic community must do more and provide military assistance on a larger scale and sooner to secure Ukraine's victory. Russian aggression has a price for all of us — the price we pay in euros, and Ukraine — human lives”, — emphasized the Prime Minister of Estonia.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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