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Ukraine received the newest self-propelled guns Hawkeye from the USA: what makes it unique

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

Ukraine received the newest Hawkeye self-propelled gun from the USA: what makes it unique

In the USA, an artillery installation based on the Humvee chassis was developed. A mobile and mobile machine with a 105-mm gun was released, which is tested in real combat conditions.

The American defense company AM General handed Ukraine a Hawkeye mobile self-propelled gun based on a Humvee all-terrain vehicle. This was announced by Mike Evans, program director of Soft Recoil Technologies and Fires Programs during the US Army Artillery Symposium.

According to Evans, they sent a mobile ACS to Ukraine on April 26, and it was already on the battlefield on May 2. Training of fighters took two weeks, and another week — for testing. Hawkeye testing takes place in real combat conditions and with real targets. Clip from the video was published by OSINT-er AirPower 2.0.

AM General has a 105-mm mobile self-propelled gun based on the HMMWW (Humvee) chassis. The car was presented in September 2022. Full name “2-CT Hawkeye Mobile Howitzer System”. It was created in 2019. In fact, the Humvee was equipped with an M20 cannon with SRT soft recoil technology, so that the machine could withstand the conditions of shooting.

Also, among the features are a modern digital fire control system, as well as deployment in just 90 seconds after stopping. The rate of fire is 8 shots in the first three minutes. The maximum firing range of ordinary projectiles — 11.6 km, and active-reactive — 19.5 km.

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Hawkeye — is the epitome of “fight-run” tactics in order to bombard the enemy with shells as quickly as possible and leave the position. A constant maneuver is assumed to avoid return fire.

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