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Ukraine participates in the development of the newest Turkish fighter of the 5th generation: what is known

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul11,2024

Ukraine participates in the development of the newest Turkish fighter of the 5th generation: what is known

Ukrainian companies participate in the development of the newest Turkish fighter of the fifth generation KAAN. But for the sake of security, no details are being disclosed yet.

This was stated by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar, at the briefing “Ukrainian-Turkish relations: cooperation, assistance, current and future initiatives”. According to him, some Ukrainian companies and developers participate in the development of aircraft units. participation in the development of its components. To date, we do not disclose details from the point of view of security”, – said the diplomat.

He emphasized that this is a promising cooperation, and after being put into service with the Turkish Armed Forces, this fighter may be of interest to the Air Force of Ukraine. In addition, it is possible that this will also become a subject of cooperation in order to produce new drones on the territory of Ukraine. We hope that they will be produced by the new plant of the Baykar Makina company,” the diplomat said.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey emphasized that today two large Turkish companies: Baykar Makina, known in our country for the production of “bayraktars”, and the state company TUSAŞ (TAI) purchase Ukrainian engines, jet and turbojet, for use on unmanned aerial vehicles.

“There is also a separate project for the supply of helicopter engines. The main partners here are the Ukrainian companies Motor Sich and Ivchenko Progress”, the diplomat summarized.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian enterprises are cooperating with Turkish ones to create an engine for the aircraft, it became known in February 2024. On February 21, 2024, the Kaan fighter jet made its first flight.

Ukraine is not only involved in the development of the engine for the new Turkish fighter jet In the future, our country will buy these aircraft and already know where to use them. Kaan TF-X is a fifth-generation fighter jet. Turkey Havacılık ve Uzay has started aircraft development in August 2016. The first aircraft has already been built and tested.

According to preliminary plans, the first 20 such aircraft are scheduled to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force in 2028. Starting in 2029, the enterprise should reach the production rate of two planes per month.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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