Ukraine no longer needs MAP to join NATO

Ukraine no longer needs MAP to join NATO

Ukraine no longer needs a MAP to join NATO

Potential NATO decision on a NATO action plan Membership for Ukraine is no longer as important as before – only membership itself.

As Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olga Stefanishyna said in an interview with European Pravda, this is due to a change in circumstances after February 24.

"If Ukraine were offered a MAP before February 24, we would be most satisfied with this decision, happy and would consider that we have fulfilled the requirements of our Constitution, and this is the only right decision. Today, the proposal of the MAP within NATO will be tantamount to the decision of the Bucharest summit in 2008,” Stefanyshina explained.

According to her, the analysis of the compliance of the Ukrainian security and defense sector and other structures with NATO standards showed that Ukraine de facto already implemented a lot of Alliance practices. In addition, the Ukrainian military is now acquiring a unique combat experience that NATO military allies do not have.

"So just membership? – Membership Only”, – answered Olga Stefanishina.

“The main” carrots “, interesting opportunities in the conditions of this war, we could now get only as a member of the Alliance, which would be covered by Article 5 of the NATO Treaty. We do everything else, and this does not require the involvement of high politicians or ministers today. Interaction with NATO is taking place. But in matters relating specifically to security guarantees, only membership can change the situation,” the Deputy Prime Minister explains.

In her opinion, sooner or later Ukraine will definitely become a member of NATO – “if NATO exists until such a window of opportunity exists.”

She also noted that for the time being she sees no point in seriously discussing Russia's objections to Ukraine's accession to NATO – given that the prospect of negotiations with the Kremlin is still far away, and it is not known whether these issues will even be subject to negotiations.

"If you have noticed that almost half the time that a full-scale war is going on, Russia does not make such demands and does not conduct such discussions at all. That is, in this regard, a full-scale war leveled all possible narratives of the Russian Federation – and about the threat from NATO, and about the protection of the Russian-speaking population, and many things that the countries of the Alliance were actually afraid of, saying that there was no need to irritate Russia. Therefore, we do not take any statements of the Russian Federation too seriously and will be ready to return to the discussion after the liberation of our territories,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich