Ukraine: Lend-Lease arms deliveries have not yet begun

Ukraine: Lend-Lease arms deliveries have not yet begun

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 Ukraine: arms supplies under Lend-Lease have not started yet

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that the supply of weapons from the United States under lend-lease has not yet begun.
< br /> He spoke about this in an interview with the League.

“There is a procedure. Lend-Lease has not started yet. But the very adoption of the Lend-Lease law is a very positive decision for us. And there will be lend-lease, the question is when,” Danilov said. It could be July-August, maybe September. There are a lot of factors here. You have to understand that the world is not that big. Everyone knows what anyone has in the country. Availability of weapons, equipment for their manufacture, ammunition. Today it so happened that there were almost no Soviet-style ammunition of 122 and 155 calibers left.", Danilov said.

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